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Full Body Shot Weightloss Photo Comparison Update

Just so all of you know I will post  full body shot photos of myself once I reach my first goal of 200 lbs. I will have a special blog post comparing photos of myself at my heaviest and of me at goal. So I just wanted to put that out there just because I know that I have not posted any photos of my full body yet. I just want to wait for the perfect time and with - 26 lbs left to lose I want you to know that it will be happening real soon. Honestly I can not wait to get to goal because once I do I will finally get to use my Photography camera and take some really nice updated full body shot photos and I can finally feel  more confident with my body. My full body shot photos will be a mini photoshoot in which I will get dolled up from hair to makeup and new clothing. So stay tuned I promise it will be worth the wait.