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Detox Challenge Round #2

Hey everyone so I have decided to go on a detox challenge once again. Many of you who follow my blog are aware that I have detoxed in the past and was successful. I was able to loose -10 lbs in two weeks, which was a great feeling. Well I have decided that it is that time again for me to sacrifice Carbs and detox for atleast two weeks or more. I really want to detox for a few reasons, one is because my mother's wedding is next Saturday and I am planning on buying a dress next Friday and I want to loose as much as I can especially because everyone will there. I really just want to look my best in whatever it is I decide to wear to the wedding because all eyes will be on me especially since it has been so long and because I have lost weight alot of weight. Anyway the Detox starts today and ends in two weeks. I will continue to weigh in on Monday's. I just will make a special post concluding my detox and my overall weight loss on this challenge. I may do it until I am exactly 180 lbs but I am not sure if I can do it for that long so I will keep you all posted. The objective is no Carbs and to eat alot of Fruits andVegetables. This challenge will be hard be hard to transition into again but I know that it will get easier with in time. Right now all I am envisioning is me in a nice fitted dressed and feeling confident lol. I pray that with loosing these next - 18 lbs I can be able to see a huge difference in my appearance and to be able to fit into a 13/14 comfortably.


Just Daisy said…
good luck on your detox girl and you will get there :)