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Shopping For The Perfect Dress (Wedding Edition)

Hey everyone so yesterday I was on a hunt for the perfect dress to wear to my mother's wedding. My mother is getting married in a few weeks and I figured now is the perfect time to look around for ideas. I went in to a few stores with an open mind because I was unsure what I wanted. Shopping was not that bad there was a lot of options for a size 14 and 16. I am in between both sizes depending on the fit. I wanted to show you a few dresses that I really liked. I did not purchase anything because I still want to shop around and two I am still loosing weight and I do not want to get a dress now and in a few weeks it might not fit my in the places that I need to.

This was my favorite dress of all the dresses I tried on but it cost $259.99 :(  and that is way over budget considering I will need to buy shoes and a purse aswell. Either way I had to try it on and I am glad I did. It fit very nice on me and considering that I did not have a girdle or bra on in this dress I am quite pleased because I can see the potential if I did. I love the colors and details and this is the type of dress I would love to wear to the wedding. This dress was in a size 14.

This dress was my second favorite and it is in a size 16. It was on sale for $100. I really like this dress and I tried on the size 16 because it gave me more room in the bust area opposed to the size 14. The only issue is that the back strap is loose and doesn't hug me around my waist like the size fourteen does but I really needed the extra room in the bust area so the girls can sit in place lol.

This last dress is my least favorite because it is too fitted and it shows off my flaws like my stomach and arms clearly I am not ready yet lol. I just wanted to try it on because I have not wore a sexy fitted dress in forever and with my recent weight loss I wanted to just see my progress. This dress was a size 16 and the top area covered up the girls really good which is very important to me because I am blessed and refuse to have the girls slip out. That is not cute at all I seen it happen before lol. With this kind of fabric if you do not have a flat stomach this dress will make that obvious which is what I do not like. I know if I had a girdle on it would look so much better.

Well everyone that is all for now, so stay tuned because I will keep you all updated until I find the perfect dress. I must say that I enjoyed trying on dresses and it was fun even though I did not buy any of these. I am going all out for the wedding nails, hair, make up, and I will be using my photography camera.

*Update- So I showed a few family members pictures of the dresses that I tried on and they all hated it lol. I don't care honestly, if I wanted those dresses trust me I would get them. Some of the comments were overboard but all I can do is laugh. Prior to my weight loss you could not get me in a dress because I was not comfortable and hated my body. Now that I am making progress they want to take it that all away from me but I will not let them oh well.


Kanesha said…
the one you like the least is my maost fave on you!!! it is super sleek & sexy!! And that color pops against your skin tone!
Curliebelle said…
Unfortunately that's how it is- everyone loves to comment. I think you look great and good luck dress shopping (:
TinaDiva said…
@Kanesha thanks it was fun to try on.
@Curliebelle thanks I hope so too :)
Just Daisy said…
I actually love the last one the color is stunning. We chatted about this already but I'll say it again girl.

Don't let anyone steal your success or shine from you. You and I both know you have made great great progress <33

TinaDiva said…
Thanks I really needed to hear that your so right about that.