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(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #18)

Morning my Luvs, I just woke up and of course the first thing I did this morning was jump on the scale to see how much weight I lost this week. I must admit I was so nervous especially of my TOM and because it seems that as I get closer to my Summer Goal the slower my weight loss has been etc. Well today I weighed in at 201 lbs so I lost - 2 lbs this week and guess what I am happy with that. Normally I would expect more of a weight loss but I am so proud of myself and I will take the - 2 lbs happily. I need to give myself more credit because usually I don't. So I am now one pound away from being 200 lbs which is my Summer Goal. To think that in April, which is when I started this Summer Challenge I was 247 lbs and now I am 201 lbs and this is simply amazing. - 46 lbs in four and a half months is an accomplishment considering all I did was exercise and eat in moderation of whatever I want. I never thought I could loose this amount of  weight on my own. It is so weird because I have always been the one to give up and yo yo diet every other week. I have learned now not to diet and instead just eat healthy and in moderation. I know I will be in the 190's by next week's weigh in so I will update then. My next goal to focus on is to get to the 180's.I know I will be able so see a bigger difference then because my senior year of h.s my heaviest I was 200 lbs and lost - 15 lbs for prom and I remember looking in the mirror and loving what I saw. As of right now my ultimate goal is 160 lbs and I am happier to be getting closer because being 247 lbs and even 260 lbs it seemed so far away  I am officially - 41 lbs away from being 160 lbs and I have made it this far. This is just the beginning and I will continue to work hard until to get there. This summer was the last summer I spent feeling miserable about my weight and unlike other summers I actually did something about it. With in the next week or two expect a video vlog and new update pictures from me . I plan to finally dress up because it has been so long especially because my hair has been in ponytail and I have not wore make up in while. I am still wearing my old clothing for the most part. Most of my old clothing are stretch material so I feel I can still wear it but certain things are really baggy on me. I do have a few outfits that I bought in a size xl but I wear them also. one of my friends commented and said to me "Tina you lost alot of weight why are you wearing the same clothes ? they are baggy on you show off those curves". I really did not have an answer lol besides I want to be in a size 13/14 comfortably then I will buy more outfits. I am not quite there yet because my thighs are holding me back. It really depends on the fit but the non stretch size 13/14 I am not ready for. I have tried the stretch 14 and that fits with no problem. I need to loose a few more inches first then I will go on a mini shopping spree. I do not want to go overboard especially knowing I have alot of weight that I am trying to loose.

Overall I have lost -59 lbs WOW :)