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Before And After 08/31/11

Hey everyone so I wanted to do an updated before and after of my weight loss progress so far on this challenge. I have compared two photos for you all to see. One photo compares my heaviest weight (260 lbs) to my current weight (197 lbs) as of Monday. The second photo will compares my starting weight on this summer weight loss challenge (247 lbs) to my current weight (197 lbs) as of Monday. This will be the last pair of photos you will see of myself until I get to 180 lbs. I hope these next -18 lbs makes a difference in my face and body because I really want to fit into a Juniors size 13/14 comfortably :( . I still have the two pair of 13/14 Juniors Denim Jeans that I purchased a few weeks ago that I would love to wear. My thighs needs to go down in order to make that happen lol :) I am hoping this detox will help me get to the 180's with in the next few weeks or so.

Before Picture 260 lbs  (January 2011)                 After Picture 197 lbs (August 2011)

-  63 lbs

Before Picture: 247 lbs  (April 2011)          After Picture:197 lbs (August 2011)

- 50 lbs

I really did not think my cheeks were that big until I compared all of these photos lol. I am now able to see that my face is becoming more define and structured. I just can not wait to see how I'll look once I get closer to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs (-37 more pounds to go).

I am not giving up because I have come such a long way.


You have done a great job..girl..Your face has more of a glow...Not that you were not beautiful before but you look extremely fab so far and I'm not just saying for sayings sake..Good Luck!!!
TinaDiva said…
Awwww thanks hun
Miss Dre said…
You go girl! You have made great progress. Don't give up.

Now following :)
TinaDiva said…
Thanks so much following back :)
Anonymous said…
I'm trying to lose 40lbs by my birthday in december!

keep the tips coming !!
now following =]
TinaDiva said…
Thanks so much and you can do it . Just followed you back. I love your make up.