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Summer Goal Complete Week # 19 (08/22/11)

Good morning Luvs so today is Weigh In Monday and I am happy to report that I have accomplished my Summer Goal. I weighed in at 200 lbs and I never thought this day would come but it has and it feels great. For once in my life I have stayed consistent with my weight loss journey and this is a huge accomplishment for me. With the ups and downs on this weight loss journey seeing this day has made it all worth it. I will be the first one to tell you that it is hard to change bad habits but with time and effort you can do it. This weight loss journey was not an overnight process. The more weight you have to loose is the more time and effort you must put into staying focused. There are so many temptations out there but it is up to us how we learn to deal with it. I was an emotional eater and after high school I was not as active so that is how I began to gain weight. This journey made me realize I needed to take better care of myself because I am young and I want a better life for myself. Fact is I was very unhappy with what I saw in the mirror being at my heaviest and I felt depressed most of the time. I am 5 ft and 4" tall and weighing as much as I did was a health risk so loosing weight was very important to my future. 

In order to stay on track while being on a weight loss journey you must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared. If you go back to the start of my journey on my blog you will see how much I have grown as a person and how much confidence I have gained. I am a work in progress and this is just the beginning. I did not have a personal trainer, chef, or anything of that sort. I just made healthier food options and exercised that is it. I have averaged loosing - 10 lbs a month. I started my Summer Weight Loss Challenge with intentions from going from 247 lbs to 200 lbs (-47 lbs) and I have accomplished that just by  living a healthier lifestyle . It has taken 4 months and three weeks to accomplish my goal and I have learned patience is key. So ladies do not give up and fight for what you want . I had a few setbacks along the way  but I never gave up. Overall I have lost -60 lbs because my heaviest was in January and I was 260 lbs that is when I began to loose weight and got to 230 lbs in March. I then fell off track and went back up to 247 lbs in April since then I started my Summer Challenge. Today as I look in the mirror at myself or look at recent photos I see somewhat of a difference but I still do not feel as though there is a dramatic difference and I know during this journey I struggled with wondering if I really was loosing weight and many of you will go through that. Just do not give up and get caught up in the number on the scale or questioning if there is a difference psychically because those two things can be triggers. I know because I have a lot of weight loose I won't see a dramatic difference until I get in the lower 100's. My ultimate goal for right now is 160 lbs. So I have - 40 lbs to get there and I am going to focus on that as of right now. I really want to go down to 140 or 150 lbs but I want to take it one step at a time. I plan to start a new challenge once Summer is officially over most likely a Winter Challenge. I will make a video vlog with more details this week so stay tuned for that Summer is over I believe on September the 23 rd. So my goal is to loose 8 to 10 more lbs by then and of course I will keep you all updated. As I told you all I have a photography camera I really want to get dressed up in something sexy and take nice photos so I plan to do that once I am 180 lbs. I hope to be in a 13/14 comfortably by then. As I told you all I am in a size 14 right now and I have attempted to get into a size 13/1 by then4 but I need to loose a few inches because I have very thick thighs and my hips prevent me from fitting into a 13/14 comfortably. 

Thank you all for being my support team because I appreciate it so much. I feel that I can share my intimate thoughts with you all and it makes me feel good because you all are so supportive. I love you guys seriously :)