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Full Body Photos Update ( Summer Shorts Edition)

Hey everyone so today was a beautiful day in NY and I wanted to take updated body photos of myself especially since I have worked so hard this Summer to loose weight. I have not weighed myself since my Weigh In on Monday and I figured why should I wait for the scale to say 200 lbs to take full body pictures especially when I am 201 lbs. 1 lb will not make a difference in the pictures so I took advantage of the fact that I had someone to finally take pictures of me and I could not pass up this opportunity. I felt great and very confident. I have not felt like this since H.S. I got alot of compliments and that made me feel comfortable with my body. I just can not wait to see how I transform as I loose more weight. Taking pictures makes me see that I am loosing weight. With my own eyes I still see regular Tina. Today was the first time I saw my best friend in months she was shocked and kept complimenting me over and over saying how I lost so much weight in my face and in my body and how great I looked. I was just shocked because I did not think my weight loss was that drastic.

The photo quality is not the best but I plan to start using my photography camera once I get to 180 or 185 lbs so stay tuned. The picture quality will be such an upgrade from my regular digital camera and camera phone.

It feels great to say that this Summer I have lost -46 lbs and with - 1 more lb to loose I can say I accomplished my Summer Goal. When I started in April I thought that this day would take forever and here I am. I feel great and words can not even fully describe the feeling of happiness that I have.


Just Daisy said…
Wow, Tina you look amazing girl! Your weight loss is definitely visible and I am so proud of you for making it to your summer goal <33


TinaDiva said…
awwwww thanks girl
Krystle said…
love the outfit girl. and the sandals are so cute. I just commented on the post you left on the weight loss group and once again, you look AMAZING! glad you broke out the shorts! :)
TinaDiva said…
Thanks Krystle your so sweet