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Last Summer Goal/ Flash Back Picture/ Quick Update

Hey Luvs, so as you know we have about three more weeks and five days of Summer of 2011 left  (If I calculated correctly starting on Monday). Although I have accomplished my Summer Goal I still would like to continue to loose another 8-10 lbs bringing me in the low 190's before the Summer is over. I would like to loose -2 lbs a week if possible. I plan to continue to exercise four times a week and eat healthy in moderation as I always do. Monday is my weigh in and I hope to be atleast 199 lbs. Either way I have accomplished alot and I am doing just great to even get to this point. I reflect back to when I weighed 260 lbs and I realized that I never ever ever lol want to be that weight again. With all of the work and sacrifice that I put into getting to this point today,I refuse to let myself go back and resort to my emotionally eating days. Today I feel lighter on my feet and I can breathe easier and besides the other vain things those two things are the most important to me. All of that weight really took a toll on my 5 foot four inches body frame. Prior to loosing weight I was at risk of Pre -Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and today I am free from of all of that and with that being said God is good. Actually he is great, I remember praying non stop asking God to help guide me and give me strength and he really has. He gets all the praise because his spirit has kept me in a positive light even with the ups and downs that I have had. So we can do anything that we want through faith and a positive support team. All of you are my support team and I am so greatful for that.

Flash Back Picture

As embarrassing some of my old pictures are, I just wanted to show you all where I started as motivation of how far I have come to where I am today and where I will be when I get to my ultimate goal in the future.This picture was taken by my older brother with his Blackberry Phone and the purpose of this picture, was to show off my new ring. Unfortunately with the flash of his phone you can not see it how pretty this ring was. It was a three finger ring that said Famous and I remember being so obsessed with it lol. I still have it actually and I still love it. This picture is a reflection of what I looked like at my heaviest weight 260 lbs.

When I look at this picture all I can say is "WOW"  is that really me ? I can not believe how huge my face was, it looks so swollen lol but that day I remember  feeling so pretty because I had just got my hair done and bought a new dress and ring.

Although my face has gone down alot with my weight loss there is no denying that it is still round and chubby. One thing that I am happy that I did through out this journey is that I have always taken pictures of myself so I would always have something to look back at and compare to. I unfortunately did not take alot of full body shots because I hated my body. Now I feel much more confident with my body and I can not wait to see my body continue to transform. The main area of concern is my arms. I feel that my arms are still the same size and I am so uncomfortable wearing short sleeves in public. I need to start circuit training to help tone my arms.

Anway I go back to school this week and I am planning on getting a new shift at work which will be overnight 5 days a week but you do not have to worry that I will not make time to blog. Trust me I will make the time because like I said before this is very therapeutic for me and I will continue to update as much as I can and I promise all of you that.


Just Daisy said…
Wow! You are a trail blazer burning those pounds giving me all the motivation I need!

I'm super happy for you and what's to come of your success. I hope you reach the 180's! <33

TinaDiva said…
Thanks hun you right there with me girl you'll be at your goal in no time you have progressed so much thus far so congratulations to you also.