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Morning Thoughts 08/11/11

Goodmorning everyone I just feel so energized this morning. I woke up and worked out and now I am drinking my mango smoothie which is so delicious. I am so determined to loose the three lbs that I need to get to my Summer Goal for Monday’s weigh in. I am so close and looking back at when I started this challenge a few months ago it just feels great to know how hard I have worked towards loosing these -47 lbs. Overall I have lost -44 lbs and went from a size 17/18 to a size 14 in just a few mths and I feel great. This is just the beginning and to achieve my half way goal next week will make me the happiest ever. I will make a Vlog on my Youtube Channel once I do and take some new pictures for my blog. My treat is getting my hair done and an outfit I am going all out because I have worked so hard.