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Week #20 Weigh In/ Onderland/ Fruta Planta

Wow time flies so today is week # 20 of my Summer Weight Loss Challenge. I cannot believe it has been 5 months already. With a few more weeks of Summer left as I mentioned in my last post I am still trying to loose another -8 to -10 lbs before the Summer ends on September the 23rd. I weighed in today at 197 lbs. I am officially in Onderland yayyyyyyy. I have not been in Onderland since 2005 so this feels great. This week was a good week and I am happy to have lost -3 lbs. It has been so long, several weeks actually since I have lost - 3 lbs. I have been loosing - 2 lbs for the last few weeks besides last week which I lost  -1 lb. Today is another special day for me because overall on this Summer Challenge I lost - 50 lbs. So in retrospect 5 months and 50 lbs lighter. This is the longest I have ever been on any weight loss journey with out giving up.

This week I started taking a diet supplement called Fruta Planta there are two versions a Green One & a Pink One.

It is a Chinese supplement that is said to curb your appetite, give you energy, and help promote weight loss. I started taking the Green one as of last Monday and the Pink one as of last Friday. The Green one made me feel sick and it did not help curb my appetite I believe it was fake. I had so many negative side effects that I decided all together to stop. I actually bought the Green one from a friend. After that experience I decided to look into finding out more information about the product possibly trying it from a legit vendor and seeing different reviews. Finally I decided to get the Pink one because I saw alot of positive reviews. Anyone who is interested in Fruta Planta should really do an extensive amount of research because there are alot of fakes out there and it is a chance you take when taking any form of diet pill. I did alot of research on Youtube and on different websites to educate myself . Just so you know this product was banned in the US as on January of 2011 so with that being said I decided that I do not want to say where I purchased it from so that they do not shut down the place like many others. Just research around and if you feel it is right take that chance. So far I feel that Fruta Planta  is helping give me more energy and it curbs my appetite tremendously. I feel that I get full fast when I eat. I have not experienced any dry mouth, insomnia, rapid heart beat, or any other side effects that I have read many suffered from. I will keep you all posted on this product as I continue to take it. I just wanted to let you all know that I am trying a diet supplement to help me with my weight loss. I am continuing to work out and eat healthy, this supplement is just a bonus so we will see how how it goes..


shawte2002 said…
Where did u purchase ur fruta planta from?
TinaDiva said…
@shawte2002 google gofromfatoflat