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Morning Thoughts 07/28/11

Goodmorning everyone, I just woke up and I feel much better then I felt last night. I am focusing on being more positive today. I am also going to motivate myself to stay focused. It is a brand new day with a brand new start and I am ready to tackle anything and everything. No pressure or restrictions I am going to just continue to get to my weight-loss goal one step at a time. I will no longer beat myself up like I have lately, because this journey takes time and patience. My main focus is to loose 10 lbs a month. I think loosing 2 to 2 1/2 lbs a week is very reasonable and realistic. As I stated before I will do one final weigh-in and that will be once I am 200 lbs. Once I get to that point I will reassess and focus on my next goal followed my my weekly weigh ins. I am so close to my summer goal that I do not want to stress myself out and weigh in until two weeks from today.

xoxo, TinaDiva