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Moment of Weakness (Starting Over)

Late last night and today I did something I thought I would not resort and do. Alot is going on and I became an emotional eater and of course I ate somethings that I should have not had. I am just pressuring myself and stressing myself out to the point that I am causing my own down fall. When I started my weight-loss journey I decided to not stress myself out and gradually allow myself to loose weight with out pressure. In return I was able to take my time and loose weight. I came this far and to be close to my Summer Goal caused me to go in "Race Mode" Lately I feel that I have been trying to restrict myself and force myself to loose these last few pounds but subconsciously I just want to get there without the expense of pressuring myself so much.

Well last night I was just thinking how upset I was about my progress with in the last two weigh-ins and being stuck at 206 lbs. Something came over me and I did not care anymore. I order an entire box of pizza and ate the whole thing. Afterwards I felt so bad and decided that today was a new day to start over. I woke up did my workout and here I am it is almost 9 pm and around 7 pm I ordered Chinese food. I am so upset with myself. I just jumped on the scale and I gained weights :( I can not believe it  but what can I say but I did this to myself. This is not the path I want to go back to. I need that motivation that I had before and I wouldn't be real if I did not tell you all the truth because I wanted to share with all the ups and downs on this weight-loss journey because we all go through it. I worked so hard to get here and I refuse to give up and go back to emotionally eating. I decided to start fresh tomorrow and to go back to just taking my time loosing weight. No more detox's for awhile.I will go back to square one to what I did before because it was effective for me. These constant food challenges that require me to restrict certain foods does not work for me and in result my mind is over it. I spoke to one of my good friends and had a melt down about how I was feeling and to help me stay on track and check in on me to help me get back on track because I need it. It was great because they uplifted me and made me feel better because I was feeling down.

 I will also back to eating in moderation and eating healthy.

I will update everyday how I feel until I feel I have the full control that I had before this week.

My next weigh-in will be when I am 200 lbs.