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What's For Breakfast? 07/21/11

Goodmorning Luvs today is a brand new day and a new beginning.. Start your morning off the right way with healthy fruits and you will notice how much energy you will have for the entire day. This morning I have decided to have cut up Strawberries and Bananas for Breakfast. I have started a new slate and will focus on eating better then I have this week. To be honest I have had alot of Fruit Smoothies and maybe that is the reason why I am stuck at 206 lbs for yet another week. Although I have met my monthly goal of - 10 lbs I can not help but want more of a  weight-loss. I am not giving up and this weight-loss journey is all a learning lesson. Every week I learn more about myself and body. So with that being said no more Fruit Smoothies and instead  I will have more fruits and vegetables in its natural state. My goal is with in the next two weeks I would like to be 199 lbs or 200 lbs and I would like to fit perfectly in a size 13/14. School starts back up the last week of August and I would love to buy new clothing as intended for my Summer Goal.


Just Daisy said…
sweetie you are doing fab! wow, I'm feeling stuck right now too :( stuck in the 230's it's such a killer.

I love fresh strawberries and bananas! P.S. Are you doing any weight loss programs or are you doing this all on your own? :)

TinaDiva said…
@justdaisy thanks hun no matter what do not give up I felt the same way today and when I was at my heaviest. This journey has so many ups and downs but as you get closer to goal it will be so well worth it.

I am loving fruits and vegetables and I could not say that a couple months ago.

I am doing it all on my own I am just changing my meal plan every month or so. I am always making sure to eat less carbs but not depriving myself and eating more healthy meaning the best options of the things I crave.

Whats your goal and what are you doing?