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Detox (Weigh In# 2) 2011 SSU Challenge Week# 14

So today is Day 14 on my  Fruits & Vegetables Detox and I am so happy that I made it. I have decided to continue doing this detox until I am ready to switch it up again. I really feel that the detox is a great push to loose alot of weight in a short period of time. It is hard but if you keep busy you will not think about Carbs etc. Anyway I am not going to make this post long so it is time to get straight to the point. Lets talk about the important things such as my results for this week and my total weight-loss during this entire challenge.  When I started this challenge two weeks ago I was 216 lbs and I am glad to report that today I am 206 lbs. I have lost - 2 lbs this week and - 8 lbs last week. So my total weight-loss in 14 days is - 10 lbs. I am happy because I am so close to my Summer Goal and each month I set a goal of - 10 lbs and I have accomplished my monthly goal. I am hoping to reach my Summer Goal by the end of this month. Well that is it and I will update you all on my next week weigh in.

Stay focused and motivated because nothing is impossible.