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New Weigh-In Date And Updates

I am ready to get back on track with my weekly weigh-ins because it really helps me feel accountable for my actions through out the week. Although these last two weeks I have been "stuck" at 206 lbs then I gained a few pounds from my two day "Pizza Binge Session" this week and with all that I am so ready to continue my weigh-in as of Monday 08/08/11 good or bad just  pray for me that I will be 200 lbs by then lol. I am back on track and ready for the scale numbers to move and finally be in the 100's. No matter what I am not giving up and I am back to eating in moderation what I want and it feels good. Having no restrictions has helped me through out this journey and I can not stop now. It is not what you eat it is how much of it that you have.Once a week I will have one "Free Meal" and I will have what ever I want and that will be after I weigh-in on Mondays. Moderation is key so keep that in mind and do not go overboard. I wouldn't suggest having a day to eat whatever because it will ruin all your hard work throughout the week. One "Free Meal" has worked for me through out this journey but I still make sure whatever it is the healthiest option.