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"Haterz" (Personal Vent)

Hey everyone so I really need to blog right now because I am so pissed. I really just do not understand why people love to deter others when they are just trying to do the right thing. I can not count how many times certain people in my life who, enjoy trying to deter me on my Weight-Loss Journey. Especially knowing how much it means to me. For example certain individuals, constantly tries to tempt me by offering me foods that are not healthy. When I say no politely they continue to ask me multiple times then wonder why I get upset. Many of them know I am on a Weight-Loss Journey and certain foods I just do not eat. I also hate when certain people find it necessary to make jokes implying that I am starving myself . Is it wrong that I am trying to take care of my health ? Honestly I can go on and on but I am sick of it. I think they miss the old Tina who would never turn down food. I am sorry but I am too focused to give in to make them feel good. It just hurts knowing how they are intentionally trying to get me to give in and resort to my old ways. I won't give up because I am doing what
makes me feel good. At the end of the day it is my life and my body.


Curliebelle said…
Unfortunately that's how it is sometimes. A lot of people end up trying to sabotage others because they would rather have them stay the way that they are instead of improving themselves.

I know it's hard sometimes dealing with negative attitudes, but stay motivated and with no doubt you will succeed.
TinaDiva said…
Thanks your so right. It is so hard to tune them out sometimes.
Curliebelle said…
I know been there and it's always the people that closest to you who don't want you to succeed. Some people are afraid of change- even when it involves someone else.
TinaDiva said…
So true thanks CurlieBelle