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I am looking forward to working out after work I love Zumba :)

It is so weird but I am humming one of the songs in my head lol

I probably can do all of the Zumba DanceWorkouts with my eyes closed. I am a pro at all their work outs and I have mastered all of the steps. I also know all of the Kukuwa dance steps aswell lol.

I can't help it because I just love to dance. If I had an opportunity to make my own work out fitness dvd I would. I would combine all my favorite dances from new school to old school. It would be sexy and fun lol ok I am daydreaming yes I know lol.


Just Daisy said…
I just started Zumba for the Wii this week and I'm taking baby steps! I've never been the best dancer but I can't wait until I become a pro like you girl :P

TinaDiva said…
That is so cool I was thinking of getting the Wii just because they finally have the Zumba workouts. I am proud of you for taking baby steps in no time you will be a pro you will see. Keep up the great work on your weight loss journey.