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Nutrition Survey (Tag)

1. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? 

2. What’s your favorite restaurant? 

3. Favorite vegetable? 
Spinach & Broccoli

4. Favorite fruit? 
Bananas & Strawberries

5. Favorite dessert?
Low 100 Calorie Ice Cream

6. Favorite sandwich? 
Tuna Melt & Ground Beef/Spinach Vegetable Grilled Wrap

7. How do you get most of your protein? 
Cheese & Meat

8. Do you take any vitamins or supplements? 
No although I should

9. Do you ever eat meal replacement/supplement bars or drinks? 
Yes I love having a Fruit Smoothie for Breakfast

10. What’s your typical breakfast like? 
Fruit Smoothie (Consisting of my favorite fruits, Fat Free Milk, & Light Whip Cream)
11. Does sweets make you happy?

12. Lunch? 
Wraps, Salads, & Sandwiches

13. Dinner?
Vegetables,Wraps, Salads, & Sandwiches

14. Do you snack during the day? If so, on what? 
Low Calorie 100 Calorie Snacks & Icecream

15. How often do you eat? 
Every few hours

16. Do you plan out your meals before the day starts? 

17. Do you count calories? If so about how much do you consume a day? 
Not really but subconsciously I do by looking at the portion size

18. Do you ever binge eat? If so on what?
Yes. Pizza, Chinese Food & Sweets

19. If you’re trying to cut cals craving something sweet? 
Fruit, Gum, & Low Calorie Snacks

20. If you’re craving something salty? 

21. Any food allergies? 

22. Do you go out to eat often?

23. Do you drink alcohol? If so, what and how often?

24. Do you smoke weed or tobacco?

25. Fast food junkie?

26. Ever go on a fast?

27. What’s the most you’ve ever weighed as an adult?
260 lbs
185 Senior year of H.S 

28. Are you on a specific diet?(Ex: weight watchers) 
Healthy Moderation
I tag everyone who wants to take a Nutrition Survey, I realized alot about my Nutrition.