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Be Realistic & Practical

In the past I would focus on my long term goals. I would set myself up for failure because of the lengthy process to get to my long term goal. Neglecting short term goals are unrealistic and is the reason why I would set certain expectations that I knew I could not achieve in a short period of time. I noticed when I set the bar way to high and when my long term goals were not met I would be easily defeated. In order to achieve a long term goal you must undergo short term goals. Short term goals are attainable because of the shortened time frame. Mentally it is what emphasizes to me that I am accomplishing something.

Write down your long term goal and underneath it list all of your short term goals that will lead to you achieving your long term goal.

My long term goal is to be 150lbs. My short term goal would be 200lbs. I am -38 lbs away from my first short term goal and it is a constant reminder how well I am doing and that I am getting closer and closer to my first goal.