(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Wk #3)

Quick Weigh In - I am down -12 lbs in three weeks. - 9 lbs my first week, + 1 lb my second week, and lastly -4 lbs my third week. Yayyyyyy I am now 235 lbs and I am so happy. I have 35 more pounds to loose in order to get to my first goal of 200 lbs. I can say that I am loving Weight Watchers. I do not feel like I am even on a "diet". Tomorrow I am going to stock up on more Smart Ones dinners. This journey is not easy but it is worth the fight. I am happy that I did not let my unsuccessful second week bring me down because it made me realize how much I wanted to continue on my weightloss journey and decide to make a change and do Weight Watchers instead of Atkins. Weight Watchers allows me to have foods that I love just in moderation. All week long I have been having Smart Ones Brownies, Pasta, Rice, etc nonetheless I have still managed to loose -4lbs. I have not exercised as of yet but I do plan to soon.

Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast- Banana and Oatmeal

Lunch- Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad

Dinner-Smart Ones Dinner

Snack- Smart Ones Dessert

Drinks- Water and Peach Shake & Go

*Grocery Haul- Friday


Operation6 said…
I went from atkins to WW to atkins to HCG to low carb (a variation of atkins that I customized for myself and I keep coming back to it cause nothing works as well as low carb for me. I'm glad you stuck to what works for you
TinaDiva said…
@Operation6 Thanks and I agree low carb is the best way to go. You lost so much weight and look great I hope to get small like you soon lol.