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Weight Watchers

Hey everyone so today is day four on my new weightloss plan. I am doing the original Weight Watchers Plan. I am doing it unofficially because I do not have a membership and I do not go to any of the meetings. I might in the near future but as of right now I am just trying to do it on my own with all the free information that I have researched online. I really do like this plan because it shows you how to eat without cutting out certain food groups. It is all about portion control and points.There are so many people who are doing this and many of them have been doing this for years because it is a lifestyle change. Honestly I really love this plan and it is amazing to see so many people following the plan. Many restaurants and grocery stores accommodate WW which is great. I really love the feeling of not being on a "diet". I am eating what I want just in moderation. I know that my weight will come off slower but fact is it will be worth it because it is healthier to loose weight at a steadier pace rather then a rapid quick pace. Fact of the matter is that it may even take me a year or more to get to my ultimate goal but I am willing to be patient and work on it. I do hope to reach my first goal of 200 lbs by the end of the Summer so until then I will take it a day at a time. I am really inspired.