Give it Time & Just Be Patient

"Good things happen to those who wait"

Ever felt that time was frozen and the day that you have been dreaming about will never arrive? Well that is how I feel about getting to my weightloss goal. I want it so bad that I think about it so much. I am so consumed with wondering when and how long will it take me etc.........................

I know this journey will take time and I must be patient but it is so hard to because I feel like I am letting days go by and yet nothing.

I am in need of a distraction to not think of this process because it honestly is making matters worse. Maybe I should start reading more books for leisure. I enjoy reading books that take me away from everything.

No matter what I do I can not escape the fact that this process will take long and I just have to be patient.The best thing to do is keep busy and focus on other things because eventually I will get there.