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2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Wk #1 & 2

Hey everyone so I am blogging so I can get back into achieving my summer weight goal of 200 lbs. I started the Atkins diet a week ago and I  managed to loose -9 lbs bringing me down to 238 lbs. This is almost the end of the second week and I did the samething as I did last week and I managed to stay at the same exact weight. I am upset it about but it was a learning experience for me. Anyway today is a new day and I decided to try something different and that is to just eat healthy of whatever it is I want just in moderation without feeling restricted. So I went to Target today and  I went food shopping. I bought oatmeal,cereal, eggs, and whole wheat bread for breakfast options. I bought salad, chicken, and salmon for lunch options. I bought Smart One dinners for dinner options. Lastly I bought Smart One snacks, tangerines, and plums for snack options. I plan to have three meals and one snack daily. I am no longer drinking soda, I am drinking water and diet Ice-tea instead. As far as exercise I plan to do cardio three times a week for 30 mins.

This time around I want to just loose weight and  not be fixated with the scale. So I plan to weigh myself every two weeks. I actually gave my mom my scale so I would not be tempted to weigh myself because I was obsessed with weighing myself daily and it consumed my thoughts and I realize I do not want to do that anymore because it is emotional, especially when you see your weight go up and down. I know that this week I was so upset that I gained weight that apart of me wanted to quit and cheat on my diet but instead I took a deep breathe and decided to come up with a new plan that can be easy to stick to. I feel with this new meal plan I can eat what I want and feel as if I am not depriving myself. Atkins is a great plan and it does work because I did it not to long ago and lost -30lbs but I began to go back to my old habits. Atkins is more structured and right now I prefer more options. My new plan is incorporating both lowcarb and healthy eating so I am eager to start this.

I have only  -38lbs to loose to get to my first goal and I know I can accomplish this for the Summer.