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Shopping Restrictions Being a "Plus Size"

Fact is there are to many shopping restrictions being a plus size woman. I love shopping but I find that shopping for the perfect outfit requires too much work. I often times find myself feeling frustrated due to the lack of clothing options as a plus size woman. Imagine going into your local mall or shopping area and you are surrounded by a countless amount of stores. You would think that it would be easy to find clothing in many of those stores but realistically maybe two or three carry your size. It is sad to see that many of the stores do not carry plus size clothing or they may have a very small section with just a few clothing racks towards the back of the store. So as you make your way to the plus size section you can not help but notice that the majority of the store is filled with racks and displays of the average consumer. All you can do is stop and stare because realistically those same items are not even offered in your size. Finally reality sinks in and you continue to walk towards the Plus Size section and as expected you see nothing even remotely similar to the other sections. For someone who is in their teens and or twenties you look around and see nothing trendy. Feeling defeated you continue to check out the other stores and experience the same exact thing. Shopping as a plus size woman is more of a gamble. Sometimes I may get lucky finding something I can settle with and just make it work for me. Other times I may go to a particular store that offers my size and find that many plus size woman shop there also and we all look the same. Clothing is a form of expression and I feel restricted due to the lack of options. I feel as though I am a skinny girl trapped in a fat girl's body lol. I want to walk into any store that I want to and be able to purchase anything I want no limitations. I know that some plus size women may disagree but I am speaking from my personal opinion. This topic is a reality for many plus size woman I know. I love to shop and this is one of the reasons why I am focusing on loosing weight.
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