Grocery Haul 04/29/2011

Hey everyone, so as you know from my last post I stated that I would do a haul of my groceries. I just got back from Target and Walmart and I wanted to show you all what I purchased for the week.

                                          Breakfast Quesadilla
                                         (Breakfast Option)
                                           Only 5 Points

                                           Fiber Snack-Bars
                                          (Snack Option)

Look at the contents (Healthy)

                                           Tangerines (Snack Option)

                                                        1/2 Gallon Water Bottle
                                                        (Daily Must)

Oatmeal (Breakfast Option)

Dinner Options (7 Points)

Bananas (Breakfast Option)

Snack Option (4 Points)

Very Small (1 Serving Size)

Lunch I always have a Chicken Salad from work or school. 

That is it hope you all enjoyed my grocery haul.