Scales are Evil

Your scale can be your bestfriend or your worst enemy.

I am guilty of weighing myself daily. If everytime I got on the scale and I lost weight I would be the happiest person ever. If everytime I weighed myself I gained weight I would be the most angry person ever (JK). What I can say is that the moment I noticed that I have not lost any weight or gained weight it instantly changes my frame of mind and makes me doubt myself. I begin to back track and become unfocused. It is important to know your weight and to track yourself weekly or monthly but not daily. Typically it is best to weigh yourself the same time and same day every week. For best results weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you take a shower.Weighing yourself daily is not a good idea because day to day your weight fluctuates and if you tracked your weight and based it on that you would see your weight go up and down and that will frustrate you. When you are doing the right thing there isn't a need to worry about how much you weigh daily. The most important way to know you are doing the right thing is by feeling a difference and seeing a difference. Let your clothing be the determining factor. Do not forget that inches is just as important also. Do not let the number on the scale bring you down concentrate on the physical results.

*Looser clothing is a great indication you are loosing weight.