What's For Breakfast ? 06/04/11

Goodmorning everyone, so I decided to treat myself and make something that I have been craving to eat. I made a Tuna Melt for Breakfast. You can have it for Lunch or Dinner but I could not wait and decided to make it for Breakfast. I used two slices of Whole Wheat Bread (120 calories each), Light Chicken of The Sea Tuna (50 calories but I split the portion in half so that is 25 calories), Light Mayo ( 25 or 35 calories and I split the portion in half so that is about  12-17 calories) 2 to 3 Baby Tomatoes ( 5- 10 calories) and I added a little bit of Low Fat Shredded Cheese ( 35 calories and I used a very small amount). When I was done I sprayed 0 calorie Butter on the top of the Bread and put the sandwich on my Foreman Grill for two minutes on both sides and that was it. I saved the other half for tomorrow at work for lunch. It was so good before I knew it was done and I was really hungry especially since yesterday I had to eat extremely light because of my Weigh -In for today. Well everyone have a great weekend :)