I Remember (Reflection Of The Past)

Looking back to when I started my Weight-loss Journey to where I am today I can definitely look back and notice how much I have changed inside and out.
Just to list a few things I remember:
  • I remember how hard it was for me to differentiate between being hungry and convinving myself that I was hungry.
  • I remember how deep in depression I was and how I tried to hide my pain with food.
  • I remember taking out my frustration on my loved ones because of my unhappiness with myself.
  • I remember being so out of shape and how I fought to hide how much it was struggle it was for me to do certain day to day activities without having feelings of exhaustion.
  • I remember having a love hate relationship with the mirror,and how I picked myself  apart focusing on my flaws failing to appreciating my attributes.
  • I remember making excuses why it was ok for me to not be accountable for my poor choices in certain things in my life. 
I am a work in progress and I am making steps to change for the better, so that I won't ever have to go back to those dark periods of my life where I gave up on myself. I deserve happiness and I will do whatever it takes to be happy. Being happy is a state of mind and constantly reminding myself of the positive things in my life is what allows me to slowly transition my thoughts. Nothing will ever happen overnight, like they say "Practice Makes Perfect" so if we practice working on things that need improvement in our lives we will become better at whatever it is we are working towards.

I used the pain in my life to push myself to change for the better and in return, it is a positive that is keeping me focused on becoming a better person.

"Be Motivated & Inspired" It is the realest love one can have.

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