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(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #11)

Hey everyone, omg I am so sorry for being late with my Weigh- In. I know that every Friday I usually Weigh-In but I had a long weekend and I have been putting it off. Anyway as you know last week was crazy with the scale. I attempted an Atkins Challenge and it was an epic fail. I started last Saturday and by Tuesday I gained  + 2 lbs I was so confused as to how and why. I was initially upset but I still continued to work hard. I went back to my original plan of healthy moderation and the remainder of the week I lost the - 2 lbs that I gained. Then as of today I lost  another - 2 lbs. So I am now 213 lbs. My goal for this week's Weigh-In on Friday is to loose - 3 lbs so that I can accomplish my monthly goal of - 10 lbs.  I can not believe this week will be my last week of month # 3.