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Food Addiction

Hey everyone so it has been quite some time that I have made an in depth blog of what is on my mind. Well today I just wanted to share my thoughts on "the topic of  "Food Addiction?". This topic is such an important topic to many of us who have are battling weight gain issues. Let me just let you all know that I was an emotional eater for most if not all of my life. Food is what I turned to in moments of happiness and sadness and I had no self control. I found comfort in eating particular foods that made me feel good for that moment only. Most of the time afterwards I felt remorseful because I new it was unhealthy. Food Addiction is a form of a Drug, I say this because I feel that it is a substance that alters one's state of mind and  it also effects one's physical, and emotional state. The fact is that, many foods that we run to have certain chemicals that make us want more and more of it. We find pleasure in these foods that are actually in no way shape or form beneficial to our health. Most of the time we can not stop ourselves to refrain from consuming those foods that, we know are a hazard to our health. Many of us know how much of  a negative impact that it can cause to our body. We can not help but continue to run to the Drug of Food Addiction because we think it is our cure for happiness. This is such a serious matter and the only people who can truly understand is the people who are actually in this position. For many years I was in denial and I kept drowning my emotional issues with food. It was wrong and looking back at everything I know that I needed help but I did not have the strength to seek for it. Many people can try to seek others for help but realistically it is up to you. You have to mentally, emotionally, and physically fight to become healthy and not be a victim to "Food Addiction" I have attempted so many times to eat healthy and to be healthy but each time I failed. I over thought things and I was very hard on myself. I wanted a quick fix without doing the work. Anyone who has any form of addiction knows that everyday counts and it is a long process and there is no way to get around that. No one is perfect and we all are a work in progress. We can have a good day today and tomorrow a bad day. The real strength comes from the person who does not give up and they recognize their faults and move on from it. When I started this Summer Challenge it just clicked I wanted it so bad so I gave up alot of things and I learned to work on how to deal with my emotions. I also learned that I cannot run to food to solve certain issues in my life that did not happen overnight. I am not perfect and last night was a prime example. I do not know what came over me but I did binge and eat and afterwards I felt so bad. Today I realized I do not want to make that be the reason I give up now and go back to my old ways and fall off track. I prayed to God and I continued this day as if it did not happen. The old Tina would of found a reason to continue to fall off track and eat my worries away. The new Tina recognizes and learns from her moments of weakness. We all have to strengthen ourselves and trust more in our capabilities. We will never be perfect and that is ok and it is not the end of the world.  Do not be a victim of food addiction take small steps to overcome this challenge and make yourself better because your worth it.