Feeling & Looking Good

Hey everyone I just wanted to just blog and say that I am so happy that I found exercise that works for my needs. Working out daily has helped me throughout my Weight-loss Journey and most importantly it makes me feel good and look good. I feel that with everything I do, I am giving it my all and with this new found boost of confidence that I get from exercise it is the best feeling one can have. So with that being said find an exercise routine that you can enjoy. I am not a gym type of person and in the past I would go to the gym but I never enjoyed going. This time around I took advantage of focusing on doing things that I love as a form of exercise such as taking aerobic classes and working out at home doing cardio workout dvds. This is what works for me and that is why I am able to be consistent with my weight-loss.

Find activites that you love and incorporate it into your schedule because it is very important to workout so that you can look and feel good.

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Curliebelle said…
I'm glad that you have found an exercise program that works for you. I think I do better when I'm stricter with myself and so far switching my workouts up each week has been working.

Love your blog!
TinaDiva said…
Thanks I love your blog also. Yes switching up the workouts keeps me accountable aswell.