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(2011 Summer Shape Up Challenge Week #9)

Morning everyone ughhh I am up so early because of the heat. It is finally in the 90s in NY and last night I was restless the entire night and that explains why I am up so early lol . Anway I just wanted to check in and let you all know I weighed in this morning and I lost - 3 lbs this week and I am now 217 lbs. I am happy about that because I am now down -30 lbs in exactly two months and one week. I am hoping to reach my first goal by next month so that is - 17 more lbs to go. In order to make this goal I would need to loose at least - 2 lbs a week and I know I can do that. Well I am happy because I feel great because I really want to be healthy and continue to loose weight so this is such a great early Birthday gift. I just can not wait to look in the mirror and see a different me. In the meantime I will continue to work hard to get there.