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Trying On a Size 16

Hey everyone so over the weekend I went browsing for clothing just for fun. I stated previously that I was a size 16 as of the week of my birthday (June 12 th). Anyway when I purchased my birthday outfit I tried on a size 16 and 1x and it felt good especially because I was originally a size a 17/18 or 20 before starting this challenge. Anyway so as I was browsing this weekend I decided to try on a pair of jeans and a tube top in a size 16 and 1x. Honestly I just wanted to see how these particular items would fit on me because they were standard fit. Just so you know my birthday outfit was a stretch material. So the jeans that I picked out to try did infact fit perfectly not to mention I had room to breathe in it also. The top as you can see is a little fitted but overall it was roomy .Overall the conclusion of my shopping experience is that it made me feel good to progress in the right direction. Honestly alot of the clothing that I saw in my size was either ugly or over priced.

I can not wait to get into a size 13/14 the selection and prices of clothing is ideal for my liking. (I will do back flips when that day comes LOL)

Just so you know I cropped my face out of the pictures because my hair was a mess and I was wearing a sports bra so I know I looked tacky..

*Also as you can tell my arms are still massive and as of right now I hate them. Other then that I am not giving up and I will get to my dream size eventually


Curliebelle said…
Congrats and you'll be at your dream size in no time!
TinaDiva said…
Thanks I will be patiently waiting BTW love you picture very pretty.
BMarquee said…
Congrats Girlie... another dress size and ill be fitting back into my size 16 as well (can't wait)...your blog has def been an inspiration!
TinaDiva said…
Thanks so much hun and congrads that is great. Whats your ultimate goal?