Memory Lane (Fitness Motivation) 06/13

 Memory Lane 

I felt like remincing for motivation purposes and was taking a look of photos with in the last two years of my weightloss journey. These photos stood out to me the most because it shows when I started seeing a difference in my body which was when I finally got into a size 16 to my smallest a size 13/14 from originally being a size 18/20. Currently right now I am back into a size 15/16 :( but in a few months I know I will be back to a size 13/14. In the photo collage of Part 1 it shows when I got to my lowest weight of 184 lbs and Part 2 shows when I started gaining my weight back. I have not taken full body photos in the 200's which is where I am right now because I am too embarrassed. In a few months I plan to be back in Onderland :)