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Week #1 Weigh In/New Official Challenge (06/13)

Week #1 Complete

Hey Luvs, so today is day 7 on my new weightloss challenge. I am glad to say I have made it and I am very impressed with my weightloss for the week. It was challenging the first few days but I am now in control of my eating and exercise regime. I really did not workout as much as I had planned to but my job requires me to do alot of walking most of the time, so I can say that it has truly helped me keep active this week. I have worked out atleast three times this week which included Zumba and walking the track. I ate very well all week and I am very pleased with myself. From the photos above you can see a few of the meals that I have had this week including salads, fruit smoothies, and other healthy food choices. I have not had much of carbs at all. If I did have any it was from having a 100 calorie Wheat bun to eat with my tuna sandwhich I made this week for lunch or breakfast, which consisted of a vegetable omlette. In total I had bread roughly three or four times this week. I treat myself with one serving of carbs at most a day or maybe two including croutons. Other than that my diet includes mostly fruit, vegetables, protein, nuts, and other healthy foods. I have noticed my face slimmed down and my tummy aswell so I am happy about that. I  also have been drinking alot of water and that is helping with my skin along with my diet.

Goals For Next Week (New Offical Challenge)

I plan to loose -2lbs at the end of this week, I also plan to have carbs three times at most. I would like to go to the gym atleast three times this week for two hours per session. I would like to do squats x4 this week of atleast 120 squats per session. I would like to workout one time at home this week with one of my DVD's.

I don't know if I mentioned this or not but I will have one cheat meal per week after my weigh in. Today I had my first cheat meal and it was a Wendys Frosty Waffle Cone. It was amazing especially with this NY heatwave. I just looked online and saw that it was 290 calories which isn't so bad. I am actually about to go workout with my boyfriend so I definitely plan to burn those calories and even more so I won't feel bad lol.

Well everyone that was my week and I am so excited for next week's game plan, I know exactly what goals I plan to work on so it gives me alot to think about and work torwards. As you all know I am taking it one step at a time week by week. So looking at my calender I would like to be at my first -20 lbs goal by July 28, 2013.