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B Day Blessings (Gemini) (06/13)

Hey my Luvs, so my B Day officially has passed and I just wanted to make a quick post just to say how thankful I am to see another year.. This year as you know has been a rough for me nonetheless I am living and breathing so I can not compliain. Special thanks to all of you for holding me down. I hope that we all can make our goals become a reality one step at a time so don't give up.

I am a Gemini and I love being one not to mention I am twin. I'm really so fortunate that I worked on my birthday because my birthday was on a Wednesday and I wouldn't have wanted to take off and not make any money. That evening my boyfriend took me out to eat and it was so romatic and fun. I had a Chicken Salad and no Birthday Cake. I just did not want to spoil my diet especially so soon. The Sunday prior my family and I went out to eat and had dinner at a Colunmbian resturant. The food was amazing and my family suprised my twin and I with a birthday dessert (Flan) but I did not have any because once again I did not want to ruin my diet. I knew if I had one peice I would want two or three lol, so I decided to just refrain from indulging. I had a great time and it was truly amazing. I'm so sorry I am usually one to take pictures but as you all know I am on a no selfie photo challenge until I loose -20 lbs. I am just so critical of myself these days and I just want to focus and see the scale go down and then I can be into taking selfie photos.

XOXO Tina Diva