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Officially A Weight Watchers Member (06/13)

Hey luvs, so I am officially a weight watchers member. I joined on Saturday and everything happened really quick. I was expecting that I would have sat down and had a heart to heart with a consultant, tell them my goals and and go from there. It was the complete opposite, the consultant spoke very quick, gave me the Weight Watchers reading material and free bag then made me get on my scale and before I could blink my eyes it was over. Personally I did not like the consultation because it really wasn't one. I used to be on Jenny Craig and they actually really sit down and cater to your feelings and your well being. My only issue with them was that they were costly and the program would require me to be codependent on their foods.The only reason why I joined Weight Watchers was because it is cheaper and they teach how you to eat in the real world. It is a bonus they have weekly meetings and weekly weigh in's so I plan to stick it out and give it a try. A lot of people rave about Weight Watchers and have had great results. This program is more of a independent program so you must push yourself and I plan to do that. I paid for the monthly plan which was about $42. The membership includes a months worth of meetings and being able to weigh in weekly with a consultant . Their meetings are said to teach you real world lessons about food and how to function in our environment while loosing weight aswell. I took some pictures of what I received when I signed up for the program and plan to update you all on my journey so stay tuned.