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Week #2 Weigh In/July Challenge/WW (06/13)

Hey luvs, Happy weigh in so I got on the scale and I lost another - 2lbs. I have lost in total -7 lbs in two weeks. So yay me :),  I have also decided to join Weight Watchers to help me stay on track and refrain from emotionally eating. I will have a post updating you all on the full details of that experience in my next post so stay tuned. I really want to get fit and stay on track which is why I needed to join. Nonetheless this week was a great week, temptation has become less of a struggle for me and I am more in control of myself and it feels great. Keeping busy has helped keep my mind off things so I am happily progressing. I still feel fat and I am still fat but I am trying not to focus on it too much and just keep going because in due time, I will be back to where I was in the 180's fearless and confident, I know I said I wouldn't take any selfies well I lied and took some this week. My face is super chunky but it is what it is. Thank god I know how to angle myself and find good lightning to be somewhat presentable for the camera lol. I did not work out at all this week I was just so uninspired. This week I plan to go to the gym atleast three times. I need to start small and build up. My goal this week is to take a picture of the stats of my three workouts for the week so I can come back and bring something to show for it to you all. I will also attend my first official WW meeting this week so I am excited aswell about that. I will no carb three days out of my week and the rest of the days low carb. I may go grocery shopping today and get a few things like eggs, fruit, and salad to bring to work the prepackaged ones we will see how I feel. If I do I will take pictures. Anyway love you all mwahhhhhhhhh

XOXO TinaDiva