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Eating Healthy @ Wendys (Grilled Chicken Flatbread) 06/13

Hey luvs so I had the pleasure today of trying Wendys Grilled Chicken Flatbread sandwhich (Honey Mustard) it was so good not to mention a healthy option for lunch. It is compared to a 6 inch Subway sandwhich but cheaper and  tastes better. I paid $3.99 for just the sandwhich and I also had a small Diet Coke. I did research on how much calories are in the sandwhich and it is stated to have 280 calories so overall I would roughly say 300 calories  due to the sauce. It was great and I would  try it again. Check it out and let me know if you enjoyed it or not.

*As you can see my pictures of the actual sandwhich look just like the official promotional photo.