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Clothing And Fashion Goodies Haul #1

 TJ Maxx
These jeans I purchased at Sears for $34.99 in a size Juniors 13. If you follow me on twitter @TinaDivaTV you know these were the jeans I fell in love with last week as I was shopping.

Burlington Coat Factory/TJ Maxx

 TJ Maxx



Rainbows/TJ Maxx/Walmart
Rainbows/TJ Maxx/Walmart

TJ Maxx/Rainbows


Hey Luvs, I wanted to show you all just a few things that I picked up last week while shopping. Fall is approaching and after loosing -55lbs this summer most of my clothing are really baggy and unflattering on me.  I have alot more weight to loose and I really do not want to go crazy constantly buying clothes. I was forced into buying some new clothing just because I am tired of walking around with clothing that makes that does not fit me. I worked so hard to get into a size 13/14 and it is time to show it off. So I decided to go into a few clothing stores to look for cute clothing on the clearance racks. 

Once I get to my goal size of  a 8 or 9 in Juniors I plan to buy a whole new wardrobe. Anyway in total I spent about $50.00. I went to Sears, Rainbows, Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart, and TJ Max. If anyone is looking for great deals those are the stores that I would recommend anyone to go into. It felt great to go into the junior's section and pick up clothing without worrying about finding something cute in my size. This Summer at my heaviest I was a size 17-20 (2X) depending on the fit of the clothing. It was hard finding cute clothing that I liked, but now I do not have that problem. It feels great to enjoy shopping because prior to loosing weight I did not enjoy shopping.  

I was quite surprised that I could fit many of the size Large tops. I have a pair of size 13/14 jeans I bought in the city that I still can not fit. Those jeans are not stretchy so that could be the reason why. Other then that I can fit into most stretchy size 13/14 jeans so YAY :).

Make Up Goodies

These are the make-up goodies and bangle set that I purchased. I purchased everything except for the bangle set and eyeliner from Dollar Tree for a dollar. The eyeliner I purchased at Walmart for $3.98.The bangle set I purchased from Burlington Coat Factory for $10.00.

Love you guys :)

 xoxo Tina Diva


Febeh said…
wow you went all out. But you look good girl
little waist..
Great buys
TinaDiva said…
@febeh thanks girlie oh I wish I had a small waist this kangeroo pouch needs to go lol
Just Daisy said…

your shape is banging girl!

I love the blazer/vest those jeans that tank those earrings omg, you went in!

and you deserve it all girl :)

TinaDiva said…
@daisy lol awww thanks girlie