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Nails OTD (Purple Galaxy)

Hey Luvs, I just finished giving myself a manicure and I wanted to show you all how I achieved this look. It was a very fun look to create because of how bright and sparkly the colors are.

From left to right I first used the Neon Purple by KleanColor Nailpolish as a base for all of my fingers except for my middle finger. I then applied Black Galaxy on the middle finger and coated the top with a  Silver Sparkle Nailpolish. I then added Purple Dazzle on top of my already painted Neon Purple nails. To finish I added a clear coat to each nail to give it a shiny finish :)

Neon Purple-Beauty Supply Store
Black Galaxy- Hottopic
Silver Sparkle- Dollar Tree
Purple Dazzle- Dollar Tree
Clear- Dollar Tree


Just Daisy said…
I am on this glitter fix right now and these nails are so much fun love the purple!

TinaDiva said…
@daisy omg me too lol thanks
**OnYxStA** said…
love the nailcolours juxtaposed! x