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M.I.A (Let Me Explain)

Hey my Luvs, I am so sorry  for not posting my weigh in this past Sunday. To be honest with you all I have been so stressed out and I have not exercised since my last weigh in. I also have not been eating much either and  when I have it has not been the healthiest of choices. It is ok to say that I fell off track but I am aware that I need to refocus because the last thing I need to do is back track. The main reason for my emotional eating and non chalant mood has been due to stress from negativity from my family members. As much as I tell everyone around me to never let anyone bring them down here I am feeling down. Even with all of my weight loss I still underestimate myself and subject myself to letting others bring me down. I want to get away from all these negative people in my life. I feel so much pressure around them and it is taking away from my happiness and my focus to get to my goal. As of today I am officially  back on track and I will be back on Sunday for my weekly weigh in. I know I have gained a few pounds but I am focusing on loosing what I can so I can continue to reach my goal of 160 lbs.

xoxo TinaDiva


Glo said…
Girl dont worry I understand everyone needs their time and I hate to say this but family members can and are the worst people to interact with when youre trying to change your lifestyle whether its weightloss or religious reasons. Keep your head up girl and keep moving forward and IF they cant get with you, leave them! cause you cant bring everyone with u to the top !
Febeh said…
Girl i missed you but its understandable..
Ive been there glad your back
TinaDiva said…
@Glo thanks doll I needed to hear that and I agree with you %100.

@Febeh I miss u too my Luv and thanks :)<3
Just Daisy said…
awwww Tina, Glo said it well--this is YOUR fight don't let anyone deter you from tasting your victory!

you have done an outstanding job thus far...we fall off and we get back on! I have no doubt that you will get back to your success :)

keep it up and block out the negativity honey

Operation6 said…
I've learned the hard way that the word family don't mean much as they are the hardest to deal with. My friends are my family and they have proven their worth time and time again. I hope you have friends to make up for having a negative family. That being said, you are going to start seeing alotta ppls true feelings once you change your life for the better. Since that is what your obviously doing, they can't handle it cuz they may not know how to change themselves and they envy your strength.

Anywho, it happens. I've fallen off more times than I care to count but what matters to me more is that I've gotten back on just as many! You got this!
Miss Dre said…
Be encouraged, honey. You have come so far. We all have set-backs. I commend you for getting back on it!

I'm rooting for you =)
TinaDiva said…
@Operation6 thanks so much girlie and yes I do. It's just certain members in my family who are constantly negative but I am going to pray for strength to continue to focus on myself and not let them get the best of me.

@MissDre thanks so much hun for your positive words I appreciate it :)