Clothing And Fashion Goodies Haul #2

Hey luvs, so I couldn't help myself and went shopping again. I can not pass up a great deal  and since I am able to shop in alot of stores that I used to window shop in before starting my weight loss journey I am taking full advantage of all opportunities presented to me. This is the most that I have shopped since July. It feels good to be able to finally wear a size Large/X-Large/ &13/14 again. The last I was this size was in 2004/2005. Most of the clothing I bought are comfortable attire to go to school.Everything else I purchased was because they were cute and I wanted it LOL.

Sunglasses- Pay Half
Ring- Rainbows
Make Up Palette & Glitter Eyeliners- Pay Half
Nail Stickers- Mandees
Slippers- Pay Half
Blazer-Pay Half

Anyway I am done clothing shopping until I get to my first goal size of a 9/10. The only exception I will make is for a winter jacket and winter boots once it gets colder.Other then that I will continue to purchase accessories, shoes, and make up as I always do lol. Once I get to 180 lbs as a treat I will be going to Manhattan to go accessory shopping for jewelry and hand bags so stay tuned I may even video vlog. I really want to go to Canal St, The Imports (Lower West side), and the Victoria Secret Love Pink Store near 34th St. I hope to get a new camera specifically for taking pictures and recording videos for my blog really soon. I have a DSLR camera but it is so bulky and I am so lazy to bother using it. I really want to sell it along with my regular digital camera. Anyone have any suggestions of a good digital camera ? I really just need to do my research . In due time I want to do more VLOGS like day in the life, make up reviews, tutorials, ootd, advice, and so much more. I want my photos to look like alot of the fashion bloggers I follow so stay tuned alot will be coming your way soon this is just the beginning. I am a fashion and make up lover and I really want to get more into that.

xoxo Tina Diva


Miss Dre said…
Wow, girl, you picked up so many great goodies! I want those tops and hello kitty booties!

Great haul!
Just Daisy said…
Omg! New York...I live here! haha, maybe we can meet up and explore canal together girl!

and you grabbed such cute items, I have the same elf beauty book but I need to get my hands on the neutral colors one

I also love those hello kitty slippers totally cute

those shades are fierce

all those tanks & graphic tees fit you so nicely...girl you do the damn thing!

my rule is the same as yours just a winter jacket & shoes until goal :)

TinaDiva said…
@missdre ha ha thanks
@daisy yes we must girl it would be so fun.
Operation6 said…
we practice the same motto: nothing but shoes and accessories until goal. I haven't bought jeans in 4ever and I miss them but I will not waste $ buying them in a size I don't plan on being for too long.

I hope to get my blog on a level like yours soon <3
TinaDiva said…
@Operation6 thanks girlie and I look forward to more blog updates loving what I am seeing. I agree no more clothes until goal that way we can stay focused. LOL it is so hard to resist accessories.