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Cute Weight Lifting Gloves

Hey Luvs, I just wanted wanted to  show you all the cutest pair of fingerless gloves that I bought from Hot Topic last week. They were on clearance and I paid $5.00 and I swear it was love at first sight. I plan to use these gloves when I am weight lifting at the gym. As you all know I am really focusing on toning up my arms because they are not defined or toned. I have started weight lifting as of  last week and I noticed that everyone at the gym had fingerless gloves except for me so I had to get a pair also lol. Now that I have a pair I can say that they have helped tremendously weight lifting. I love them and they are a definite fashion statement :)


Febeh said…
The gloves prevent blisters thats why you see everyone with
TinaDiva said…
@febeh lol that's clearly obvious I just wasn't sure if I should get gloves since the weight lifting machines I use have special grip bars.
Just Daisy said…
lol girl you are too fly with these on :P

TinaDiva said…
@daisy thanks my luv
Guffyadons said…
I think these gloves will help in a weight lifting. I looks nice in black.

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