Mini Weight Loss Challenge

Hey Luvs, so as you all know I am on a "Winter Weight Loss Challenge" to loose as much weight as I can to ultimately get to my dream goal of 160 lbs by the end of Winter 2012. Although I have started the challenge for about two weeks, on the weekends I am not staying as focused as I do during the week. So it is time to refocus and go back to my weekly weigh in's along with my constant blogging because that is what helps me stay on track . I am currently 192 lbs and I would like to focus on each short term mini goal of -10 lbs so that I can give it my all. I love doing this because it is very effective for me. So my weigh in's will resume back to every Sunday and my goal for next week is to get to 189 lbs. I decided to just really focus on not letting my weight loss get to my head and stay focused on the weekends as well, because I am at my half way mark and I have another 32 to 40 lbs to loose and I can not blow it due to my negligence.  My treat to myself  once I get to 180 lbs by the of this month or even the first week of November is a shopping spree for accessories in Manattan with my fellow blog sister Just Daisy she is also on a weight loss journey and lives in the NY area and it is great to meet people with the same vision to be healthy as well.

Ok goodnight Luvs, I need a few hours of rest before heading into work tonight :)


Glo said…
Sounds like a great Idea Tina! girl keep up the good work and stay focused!
TinaDiva said…
@Glo thanks hun you too cant wait for your updates :)
Glo said…
girl I'm trying!
Just Daisy said…
omg yay shopping! how exciting DM me your digits through twitter :D

and yesss mini goals really help speed up the process more than we realize. great idea, stay focused, you got this girl!

TinaDiva said…
@glo you can do it start with a very small goal and focus on that EX: 5 lbs or 10 lbs.

@daisy ok girlie :)