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1st Winter Challenge Weigh In (Finally In The 180's)

Hey my Luvs so I am finally back with an update on my progress on my Winter Challenge.  My target goal for this month is to loose - 10 lbs. I ended my Summer Weight Loss Challenge weighing in at 192 lbs. As of October I started my Winter Challenge and had a few ups and downs but I am happy to report that with all of my hard work with in the last week in a half I have managed to loose -4 lbs. I weighed in this morning at 188 lbs. I am so excited to be in the 180’s although it is just a mental thing because when I look in the mirror I do not see a huge difference.  I do not know if it is me or what but many times I look in the mirror and see "Big Fat Tina". I have alot of weight to loose so I know I will get to "Sexy In Shape Tina" soon which is what I want more than anything. My main concern right now is losing weight in my face, arms, and stomach. I am happy with everything else I just have to give myself credit fact is I am smaller than I was several months ago and I need to stop stressing myself out. 

Anyway I have been working really hard by switching up my work outs. The last two weeks I have been taking Cycling, Zumba, Dance, Kickboxing, and Boot Camp classes. I am quite pleased with my stamina and endurance I am able to push myself and get through those work outs without giving up. I remember starting my weight loss journey and constantly being out of breathe and fatigued.  I had an abnormal heart rate and it used to scare me because my heart would beat fast all the time. I can honestly say exercising and losing weight has mended that issue. I no longer have that problem. Trust me I know fitting in a workout schedule is not easy especially when you are very busy. The main thing to keep in mind, is that exercising is needed to help you burn inches, calories, and tone at the same time. It also helps speed up your weight loss. I am at a point where I enjoy working out and it is more of something for me to do to keep busy and release stress. I encourage you all to find something that works for you.  Any who I am off of the detox and I plan to detox anytime my weight stalls. As of right now I am back to eating in moderation.  Every month because I focus on a weight target I plan to have an incentive in mind to keep me motivated. Once I reach my month goal of 180 lbs. I plan to to get a new digital camera . Happy Weigh In and see you all next week.


Febeh said…
Thats amazing.. I instead gained what i lose from the detox.. Midterm stress is killing me but im starting a new detox today so hopefully i lose what i gained plus more
TinaDiva said…
@Febeh thanks hun and it is ok I know how that is midterms is this week for me. You got this you will loose it.
Just Daisy said…
Congratulations girl! Woo, woo--getting so close to your goals so fast haha

TinaDiva said…
@Daisy thanks girl