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I Finally Got It (Zumba Exhilirate) / Christmas Goal

Hey Luvs, so as you all knowI loveeeeeeeeeee Zumba. I really wanted to get the Zumba Exhilarate DVD set when it orginally was released on the market but I never wanted to pay $80.00 for it. There is this website called PirateBay.Org that my cousin told me about over a year ago where you can download almost anything. I always check that website to download movies, work outs, etc. The website is free which is great and I actually downloaded the original Zumba Cardio Party Set from there. Anyway I have been checking the website religiously since the Zumba Exhilarate dvd set was released nearly months ago to see if it was available for download. Well finally this week I noticed that it was available so I decided to download it. It took almost four days to fully download. Once I downloaded it I transferred it to my external drive and hooked it up to my HDTV. So far I must say that I absolutely love this DVD set. The DVD work outs are fun not to mention I am so happy to see my favorite familiar faces from the Cardio Party work out dvd such as Tanya, Gina, and of course Berto. I love their personalities and enthusiasm because they always get me so motivated. The video quality is just like a high end music video and I love that it is really like a huge party lol. I tried about two different work outs so far and I love the fact that they used a few of the same dance steps from the Cardio Party DVD set. The only problem that I do have is that whoever formatted it did not format the files so that all of the work outs would be in one file. Literally one workout is split into 10 short clip and  it is so annoying to get into one of the work outs and have to stop to jump to the next clip. When I am working out the last thing I want to do is have to hold the remote in my hand to keep switching from clip to clip. Soooooooo it looks like I will have to purchase the DVD set. Does anyone know any cheap websites that I can order it or download for free?

Christmas Goal

I did not start the Winter Challenge the way that I wanted to but I am ready to recommit and refocus because time is ticking. Zumba was the main reason I lost so much weight along with eating right. I am going back to my Zumba roots so 5X days of Zumba along with working out at the Gym is going to be my new work out routine. I will go back to cycling between Detoxing and Carb counting because it is what really helped me loose weight week after week. Loosing over 68 lbs this year I need to  to get back into my flow and do this already. All of you who followed me through out this entire journey knows how hard I worked especially this Summer. I admit this month was an epic fail. It is ok because I am going to work really hard to get back the driven Tina you all knew when I first started this journey. This week will be a better week for me I promise and I am hoping for a really good weigh in. My goal is to get back to 188 lbs by next Sunday. From that point it is game time and I really would love to be in the 170's or 160's by Christmas so the pressure is on. My job is holding its annual Christmas party and this year I want to get dolled up and celebrate in my new body. I am all about positive reinforcement and by now you all know shopping is what gets me motivated. So I plan to reward myself and purchase a sexy fitted black dress from one my favorite juniors dress stores on Jamaica Ave. I always window shop at that particular store day dreaming that one day I could fit into one of their dresses. The biggest size they have is a large but their large looks more like a medium lol so there is no way I can get into their dresses now just because I have a few areas that need alot of work. Those dresses are gorgeous on people who are not as thick as me. So I have some toning and weight to loose to get into one of those dresses. I am excited because I know I can do this and because of my natural curvy shape when I do get in the 170's and 160's I will look really nice in their dresses. So I am so focused right now. I promise TINA is back :)