Weight Loss Journey- Picture Catch Up #1

Hey Luvs omg I missed you all I know I haven't blogged in a about a week or so since my last vlog. This blog post will catch you up on what I have been up to since you all seen me last.

  • I went to the gym and I managed to burn 700 calories in 64 minutes on the treadmill
  • I enjoyed a Slimfast Strawberry Shake after my work out at the gym
  • I started The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Level DVD work out
  • I purchased a women's dieatary multivitamin shake mix from GNC 
  • I added a scoop of my new GNC  women's dieatary multivitamin shake mix into my Fruit Smoothie
  • I made a Ground Beef Vegetable Mix Salad for Dinner
  • I made a Tomato Omelet for Breakfast
  • I enjoyed having Trail Mix as a snack when I was craving chips

  • I had Honey Bunches of Oats with cut up Bananas for breakfast
  • I had Vanilla Yogurt with Granola Oats and Cranberry Chunks as a snack
  • I had Chicken & Broccoli with a Diet Snapple for Dinner
  • I took a Kickbixung class and this was my instructor he was great.


Just Daisy said…
girl you are doing the damn thing! keep it up :D
TinaDiva said…
@Daisy thanks girlie and so are tou we can do this lol summer is way to close so it is grind time