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Collective Shoe & Accessory Haul (Spring Where Are You #2) 2012

Rainbows- $7.00

I Love My Shoes-  $25.00

Shoe Depo- $15.00

Mandees- $15.00

Shoe Depo- $15.00

Rainbows- $10.00

Rainbows- $10.00

Bag/ Bakers-$28.50 Belt/ Rainbows-$7.80


Pay Half-$4.99

Pay Half/Earrings-$3.99 Sunglasses $4.99

Pay Half/Earrings- $4.99 & $3.99

Pay Half/Earrings- $4.99

Pay Half/ Bags- $19.99

I love shopping bargains so I couldn't pass up on these items I can not wait to put everything to good use. As you all know with my weight loss I am becoming more intrigued with fashion and styling so I now enjoy looking cute and being the Diva that I always wanted to be. I hope to start doing OOTD/OOTN picture posts with my DSLR camera really soon. I am becoming more adventurous with trying new things especially with pictures. as you all know I started my weight loss journey hating taking full body pictures and shying away from the camera. Now I am ready to starting becoming into my own.


Febeh said…
Wow you went Ham. Good haul
TinaDiva said…
@febeh lol yesssss you know it and thanks
TikiLon said…
I knew I shouldn't have looked at this post. Now, I'm going to be a Rainbow tomorrow looking for shoes. LOL
TinaDiva said…
@Tiki lol omg sorry but you cant pass up on Rainbows and their shoe sales lol
Miss Dre said…
You have some great pieces! I actually own a couple of these, myself! You have great taste, girlie =]
Anonymous said…
you picked up some great items! love the purple wedges, and blue bag.
i know who i need to go shopping with ;) lol
TikiLon said…
Dang! My local store didn't have the pairs I wanted. Umm...Tina, could I persuade you to do me a teeny tiny favor? Can you email the sku's on the multi-colored pair and the leopard bottoms you picked up from rainbow:) hehe Doesn't hurt to ask!
TinaDiva said…
@dblol thanks hun lol
@tiki lol the leopard wedges I threw out the shoe box so I dont have the sku. Luckily for you I didnt remove the sticker on the multi colored wedges lol the stock# is 6064, style#2793,and vendor#4613 hope this helps and you can find a pair before they are all gone.