NYC Night Out Of Fun & OOTN 02/11/12

Hey Luvs so this weekend my friend decided to celebrate with a birthday dinner @ Southern Hospitality followed by an afterparty at a bar/lounge called Revel in the city .

I wore a black lace haltertop dress with a black leather jacket and leopard wedges booties with black sheer stockings.

This is a close up of my make up and dress.
This is a close up of the back view of my dress. I had to wear a bra with this dress because my boobs are entirely too large to go bra-less or strapless.

Dress: 2Cute Sz: Large
Jacket: Target: Sz: Large
Shoes: Mandees 

We all went to Southern Hospitality for dinner and the food was amazing.

I ordered Fried Shrimp, Three Cheese Mac & Cheese, Corn Bread (which I shared with my friend) and Red Velvet Cheese Cake. I had two spoonfuls of the Red Velvet Cheese Cake then gave the rest to another friend of mine to finish because I was very full. The food was amazing and if your in the NYC area seriously you must go there the service is awesome and so is the prices. Besides celebrating one of my friends birthday the main topic of discussion was Whitney Houston's passing. Literally we were all at dinner and our phones were  going off with notification from friends and facebook of the news I am still shocked to this very day.

After dinner we went to a Bar/Lounge called Revel for drinks. It was fun and we made the best of it but the crowd was not what I expected. Several of my friends have actually went to Reveal but on different nights and agreed Saturday night was not the best crowd but it was drama free. 

I tried Ciroc Coconut & Sprite for the first time and I was not impressed at all. I ended up giving it to my friend.

It was great to finally go out and have fun and I had an awesome time.


Just Daisy said…
Loving that dress! work it girl what a true transition! great job woo [=
Miss Dre said…
You are workin' that dress, mama! And I have those SAME leopard wedges! They are too cute!
TinaDiva said…
@daisy thank you awwww so are you :)

@Dre thanks Luv omg really? and they are I know you work those leopard booties also :)